[mythtv] Some bugs (0.15)

Robert Kulagowski bob at smalltime.com
Sat May 22 11:25:43 EDT 2004

> This is fixed my tree as well.  I have reworked how the commercial flagging gets
> started and am using a method similar to how transcoding works.  There is a
> CommercialFlagger class instance that gets fired off by the backend and listens
> for events.  The recorders and frontend can send start/stop events to tell the
> CommercialFlagger to start or stop flagging a program.  This allowed me to do
> several things like the above #6 in addition to these:

Any chance that this is easily extendable to designating a particular 
machine as the commercial flagger?  ie, a master that's low-CPU but is 
chock full of PVR-250 cards handing commercial flagging off to another 

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