[mythtv] Some bugs (0.15)

garett at chaos.za.org garett at chaos.za.org
Sat May 22 02:42:34 EDT 2004

On Fri, May 21, 2004 at 05:40:32PM -0700, Bruce Markey wrote:
> When watching a record in progress and the recording ends, forward
> seeks no longer work. The player should discover that the encoder is
> no longer available and switch to the recordedmarkup data.
> During seeks, playback sometimes jumps back to the beginning of the
> recording. If seeking in roughly the same spot again, the jump to the
> beginning may reoccur. I suspect this may be a result of positionMap
> entries with a file position value of 0. The seek code should probably
> check for a sane value, say greater than 2048, before
> seeking. Otherwise treat it as keyframe not found.

This is the same bug I've encountered.  I record mostly hour long shows.
In most cases, around 57/58 minute mark (more recently around the 54 minute
mark) it is no longer possible to seek forwards or backwards accurately
unless one moves to a cut point before the point where it gets all lost.
While it is possible to create a cut point after the 57/58 minute mark, the
cut point is useless.   Jumping to it will provide an absolutely random
frame, and playback from a cut point before the point where navigation gets
all messed up stops in a different location entirely (though constant
unless you seeked to the cut point past the 57 minute mark and jumped

I wasn't quite sure where the problem lay initially.  I had a few files
which were recorded in 0.14 before I upgraded to mythtv-cvs.  These are the
first ones I noticed it in.  Orginally I had assumed that the markup of
files had changed so I decided to test one file by deleting the markup and
running mythcommflag upon it to create a new markup.

This appears to have unearthed an additional bug.   Mythcommflag goes along
perfectly fine until it hits 99% complete, then it just hangs.  I'm not
sure if it has to do with the fact they are MPEG-2 files created by a
PVR-250 or what, but it used to work fine.


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