[mythtv] PATCH Potential DataDirect icon solution

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Fri May 21 09:55:43 EDT 2004

"Anduin Withers" <awithers at anduin.com> writes:

>> Uhh, I'm confused again.  The xmltv icon grabber takes a lineup and
>> then provides you a set of icons for your lineup.  It'll download the
>> icons, too.  What kind of "network intermediate mapping" do you mean?
> As I was envisioning a largely manual process I wanted to make it easy for
> someone to go through their local channels and not have to lookup every icon
> for FOX, CBS, etc.

But that's my point -- if you use the xmltv icon grabber you don't have
a manual process!  The xmltv code will grab all the icons for your
lineup directly.  No manual intervention required.

Why go through all the extra work to manually map WFXT -> FOX and then
FOX -> foxicon when xmltv can perform the direct mapping of WFXT ->
foxicon for you, automatically?

This all still seems like a lot of extra work for very little gain.

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