[mythtv] RE: Mythweb locale (localised date and timeformat)

bobnvic at everestkc.net bobnvic at everestkc.net
Mon May 17 17:27:43 EDT 2004

Chris Petersen wrote:
> > I added 'UseCanonicalName on' to my httpd.conf file as indicated in
> > conf.php and restarted apache however it didn't make a 
> difference.  
> This definitely sounds like a cookie problem.  You also set the cookie
> domain in conf.php?  The default values SHOULD work to autodetect 
> basedon the server name, but maybe you should put an IP address in 
> instead of
> a name (unless you access the server by name).
> Grab this file and drop it into your mythweb tree:
> http://forevermore.net/env/env.php.txt
> remove the txt extension and access it.  Then check to see that the
> $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] and/or $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] variables 
> match up
> with what you're using to access your mythweb box.

Alright, please bear with me as I'm little confused as to what I should
put where.  The env.php file provided the following (slightly edited):
[HTTP_HOST] => fake.zapto.org

Should the SERVER_NAME be  Should I put these values into 
conf.php in this line:
 define('server_domain', $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] ? $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] : $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']);
substituting for $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] and fake.zapto.org
for $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']?  What about 'server_domain'?

I'm using http://fake.zapto.org/mythweb/ to access mythweb from 
outside the home and the local ip address when on my lan.

I appreciate your help.

Bob C

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