[mythtv] [patch] video-mode switching for playback vs. gui

Daniel Thor Kristjansson danielk at cat.nyu.edu
Sat May 15 17:30:15 EDT 2004

Cool, I had added this feature to my personal todo list a while back,
but never got around to it.

-- Daniel

On Sat, 15 May 2004, Doug Larrick wrote:

]I am submitting some minor patches that have been in my tree for a
]while.  Here's the second of three.
]The attached patch adds the ability to specify a pair of video modes
](resolutions, actually) to be used for video playback and GUI, respectively.
]I use this capability to display HDTV material at 1920x540p, and the GUI
]at 960x540p, thus eliminating the squished-text effect of showing the
]MythTV GUI in 1920x540p.  For those who are able to display video at
]1920x1080i, using this capability will also avoid flickering in the GUI
]by switching to a progressive mode.
]A couple notes:
]* this patch uses a system() call to the xrandr binary, so as to avoid
]adding a build- and run-dependency on XFree86 4.3.  Calling the xrandr
]library would be cleaner, but would require everyone to be running a
]recent X server whether they use this feature or not.
]* You will need the xrandr binary (of course), and will need to have set
]up the appropriate video modes in your XF86Config file.  The GUI help
]text mentions these facts.
]* I put the GUI portion under the Appearance settings rather than under
]Playback settings, as the latter is already quite long.

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