[mythtv] New Myth Functions

T&J bazzly1 at comcast.net
Fri May 14 21:45:42 EDT 2004

I was wondering if it be possible for a few features to be added to 
myth.(if they are not a part of myth already.)
One feature being like Prismiq. Here is a copy of the description.

"The PRISMIQ MediaPlayer/Recorder (MP/R), a diskless digital video 
recorder (DVR) and networked set-top box leverages home computers and 
the home network to record TV shows, pause live TV, access PC media, 
surf the web and chat, and provide broadband services.

The MP/R will record scheduled shows and store them on your external 
networked PC or hard drive or archive them to a PC's DVD-RW drive. 
Furthermore, the PRISMIQ MP/R is the first digital video recorder (DVR) 
product to have different show lists for all family members, true 
parental control, MPEG-4 encoding, and advanced search and display 

Residing within the home entertainment system, the PRISMIQ MP/R easily 
connects the television, cable or satellite TV set-top box to all your 
networked household computers via the home network."

The development forum is here http://www.prismiq.org/

So is it possible to have it record local or on a network share.

Next question.
Is there a way to have an option for streaming video, and music with an 
easy way to add different streams through the web interface so if I find 
a new online channel I can just add it. Also could there be a way to 
capture the streams and save it to a drive. For example I have some 
streaming Russian TV I watch on line through my TV. I would like to 
beable to download some of the programs.  Same idea for the music streams.

I know MPlayer will play the MS, Apple, and Real formats so I was also 
wondering if that might be an option for the streams.

Please let me know if these are possibilities, or even good ideas. For 
all I know Myth may already do this. I havent had a chance to use it 
yet, but I have a project coming up I want to try to use Myth. That 
would be why I would like to get these added if possible.
Thanks. Please let me know.


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