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Steele Price steele at xtcp.net
Fri May 14 02:18:23 EDT 2004

I have, I concur with some of what I have been reading lately that the 
best way is to link it into the RSS feeds.

With RSS enclosure it would be a great tools, I see alot more systems 
going in this direction lately.
Would be perfect to get all those Dead Concerts to view the RSS Feed, 
then click to launch into MythVideo.

It would also be good to have MythNews support the Torrent feeds as well.
Add this link to database option seems appropriate, then dl, and store 
in the video/audio folder hierarchy.

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Daniel Thor Kristjansson wrote:

>Has anyone else thought of how one might integrate some of the public
>domain or creative commons films into MythTV?
>I'm thinking they could be added to the Program Finder under Schedule
>Recordings. But then the search functions in Program Finder might need
>to be improved to make full use of the meta-data. Searching by category,
>Searching for a string in the title or description, etc. Also, should
>the metadata be cached locally, including the animated gif previews?
>It could also be it's own thing within Schedule Recordings, or even an
>external module like MythVideo is. Any opinions?
>-- Daniel
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