[mythtv] Mythtv+nexus-s dvb+dish network

Taylor Jacob rtjacob at earthlink.net
Wed May 12 14:31:30 EDT 2004

> Even if you bought a subscription, technically, you are still breaking
> the law by hooking up a nexus-s because it's bypassing the encryption.
> The DMCA and the passing of the Broadcast Flag are making this even more
> restrictive every day it seems.

If you purchased a Nagra Cam module for a Nexus-S and Dish Network allowed you to subscribe that
unit, then it would not be illegal.  A Nexus-S card does not decrypt signals by itself without
some sort of input.  If you used a softcam plug in this would be illegal.  If you used a
legitimate cam module then there should be nothing illegal about it.

The biggest problem is that I would imagine you would have is  that you would have to get a Card
authorized for each DVB card you had, much like multiple IRDs.  There might be some trickery to
get multiple DVB cards to share a CAM though since I believe the time between the key validity
times is typically 10-20 seconds, and I suspect that the cam would return an answer almost
instantly.  You might get a better answer on this portion from a European who actually has a CAM

> There is a solution for VDR (the softcam plugin) to get DN and it would
> not be all that difficult to port it to myth.  I mentioned it once a
> long time ago and it was met with less than enthusiastic support.

The softcam option is clearly illegal, and for obvious reasons I would imagine that Issac would
never allow something like this to be checked into the CVS tree.

> Your best bet to legally do this (which really blows IMO) is to hook a
> PVR-2/350 up to your echostar box and use lirc to control the channels.

If you could convince Dish Network to subscribe your Nagra Cam module for Nexus-S then you could
do it legally this way.

I am in the midst of making some useful DVB changes (channel scanning, guide pulling, etc) that
would make this even a more desirable option.  Good luck though on getting Dish Network to
authorize a smartcard for a piece of equipment they did not sell you.

>> Let me start by saying I want to try to do this legally,
>> I know it is possible to set up dvb-s (nexus-s) pci sat cards to
>> recieve, and decode dish network programming.  The utilities(plugins)
>> to this are accessable via:
>> yankse.dvbnetwork.com
>> These plugins are for progdvb/mytheatre, and any other plugin based
>> interface., which rely on windows.
>> Combining this functionality with mythtv would make for the ultimate
>> home theatre set up.  You could subscribe to dish,
>> and use 3, or 4 nexus-s cards in various mythtv boxes,
>> and record 3+ shows at a time, or record and watch tv at the same
>> time, better than even the directivo.  The same functionality as the
>> new sony pvr could be achieved(9 channels recording at the same time)
>> if one wished, in addition to adding a hdtv, or cable card.(dvb-t, dvb-c)
>> Has anyone looked at trying to do this, and we can't get rid of the
>> windows aspect,
>> can wine be used as a solution.  I know wine says that programs run
>> under wine can call external linux programs.
>> Let me know if anyone has looked at this,
>> or is interested.  I will begin looking into it.
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