[mythtv] i've put ebuilds for cvs version of myth andassociated modules up on the web

Ed Wildgoose lists at wildgooses.com
Wed May 12 08:53:25 EDT 2004

>>I am familiar with gentoo, in fact I run it as well . There are ebuilds
>>of a lot of dvb stuff that I use with myth on bugs.gentoo.org waiting
>>for some one to look at.

Cool.  Thanks for your work.  Which ebuilds?

>>Plus you can remove that cruft with a make dist clean  too and by
>>installing to /usr/local you cant hurt the gentoo controlled areas.
>>Some of the benifts you get from just using cvs are the decreased load
>>you put on the cvs servers just diffing new changes and build times are
>>much smaller only building changes that make finds are necessary. Does
>>the ebuild take advantage of this point?

Well, it's cvs so it pulls down only the changes since you last built 
it, just like normal.  So no extra load on the cvs servers (and you can 
even find the local source files and tweak them if you need to)

As for building, try ccache.  Saves a ton of time for building many 
ebuilds (as does distcc if you have a couple of machines).  This applies 
to normal compiles as well of course.

Ed W

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