[mythtv] Mythtv+nexus-s dvb+dish network

Barry Smoke barry at arhosting.com
Tue May 11 15:58:42 EDT 2004

Let me start by saying I want to try to do this legally,
I know it is possible to set up dvb-s (nexus-s) pci sat cards to 
recieve, and decode dish network programming.  The utilities(plugins) to 
this are accessable via:
These plugins are for progdvb/mytheatre, and any other plugin based 
interface., which rely on windows.

Combining this functionality with mythtv would make for the ultimate 
home theatre set up.  You could subscribe to dish,
and use 3, or 4 nexus-s cards in various mythtv boxes,
and record 3+ shows at a time, or record and watch tv at the same time, 
better than even the directivo.  The same functionality as the new sony 
pvr could be achieved(9 channels recording at the same time) if one 
wished, in addition to adding a hdtv, or cable card.(dvb-t, dvb-c)

Has anyone looked at trying to do this, and we can't get rid of the 
windows aspect,
can wine be used as a solution.  I know wine says that programs run 
under wine can call external linux programs.

Let me know if anyone has looked at this,
or is interested.  I will begin looking into it.

Barry Smoke
Vice. Pres./lrlug.org

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