Fw: [mythtv] tv_grab_au script using Development One's XMLTV Web Service

Clinton Roy croy at dstc.edu.au
Tue May 11 02:32:50 EDT 2004

"Mathew O'Brien" <mathew.obrien at tait.com.au> writes:

> Hi All,
> I'm only new here.  If its naughty to post with attachements let me know
> (instead of flamming me :)).
> OK, there seems to be some interest...here you go.  Script is attached.
> D1 seems to have originally copied the tv_grab_na script and used that as a
> basis for their script (you can tell with the references to zap2it.com which
> is a North American service).
> As such, I don't think there are any copyright problems.  The guy from D1
> also chimed into the forum a month or so back inviting people to use their
> XMLTV service and to use their script as a template.
> Because I've removed the icon date checking stuff for the moment,
> dependencies on DateTime modules is not currently required.
> I've attached my config file as that may help (it goes in a /usr/bin/.xmltv/
> directory).  Obviously the --configure thing gets a new config file.
> Also attached is a small amount of the xmltv xml output.  Just in case it
> helps.
> Let me know how you go.
> Regards,
> Mathew O'Brien,

I've been using a thirty line shell script that wgets the data and
transforms it using a small xslt template, works a treat.

It doesn't handle --configure, instead the configuration is a list of
channel strings in the top of the script. 

You can see the script at:

and the xslt template at:

Clinton Roy
Software Engineer - www.dstc.edu.au

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