[mythtv] where to configure datadirect?

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Thu May 6 15:48:27 EDT 2004

Robert Kulagowski wrote:
>> A better description must find its way into the documentation.
> I've already added a section on configuring and migrating.  When Isaac 
> gets back he can sync the website docs to what's in CVS.  Or are you 
> saying that the CVS HOWTO has bad information in it?

Here is a simplified procedure using TRUNCATE. Not SGML-ified
but I did try to preserve the existing "ref" tags.

--  bjm
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21.19 Migrating from XMLTV to DataDirect.

CVS Only

DataDirect will use different information for your video sources and
channels than was used by XMLTV. The following will clear your old
information in a way that will allow your EPG and existing recording
rules to continue to work as you'd expect.

The first step is to create a backup of your database using the
instructions found in <ref id="backupdb" name="I'd like to save
or restore my database.">

NOTE: Examine the contents of the backup file to be sure that the
backup succeeded before modifying your database.

NOTE: The MythTV DataDirect grabber requires wget version 1.9.1 or
later. Verify that this is installed before modifying your database.

Next, start mysql and perform the following commands:

$ mysql -u root mythconverg
mysql> delete from program;
mysql> delete from channel;
mysql> truncate table videosource;

Run the MythTV setup program and complete the configuration as
detailed in the section called <ref id="ConfigureDD" name="Configuring
the Zap2It.com DataDirect service."> and in <ref id="VideoSources"
name="Video Sources">.

Once you're done running setup, run mythfilldatabase to populate the
database with new data.

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