[mythtv] Mouse events in MyThemedDialog

Martin van Es martin at mrvanes.com
Thu May 6 07:53:01 EDT 2004


I'm fidling with mouse support in MythTV since I want to use MythTV on a
Touchscreen eventually.
I found some patches and remarks in the archives and decided to dive into to
code myself, knowing this might be a little far fetched for a Qt newbie :)

Anyway, using Mikael's (October 30, 2003) patch and Thor's advice I found in
the dev-archives I was able to code mouse support on the ThemedMenu
level/object (Yay!)

The MythThemedDialog object gives me headaches however.

Until now I was only able to 'catch' mousePressEvents in MythMainWindow
(only qDebug'ing the mouse's x and y coordinates), but not in
MythThemedDialog nor MythDialog.

The ui-elements (my_container?) of any MythThemedDialog are not available
through MythMainWindow as far as I can see, or am I missing something here?
Only *currentWidget.

What object(s) is/are preferred or able to catch the mousePressEvents of the
ThemedDialog (if that's what I get when I start MythMusic for example) and
how do I find out on wich button I clicked in a comparable way as I did
(using Mikael's code) in ThemedMenu? What objects can I search through?

Hope this makes any sense!

If 'but' was any useful, it would have a logic operator. 

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