[mythtv] PATCH: Allow MythVideo + Ogle to play DVD Rips

Martin Smith martin at spamcop.net
Mon May 3 07:03:25 EDT 2004


I've been trying to playback DVD rips today in MythVideo and I can't see any way
of configuring file types to do it. I can play individual tracks with Xine etc.
but I didn't manage to get Ogle to play the whole 'disk'.

The issue is that Ogle won't accept a path to the files. It works though if it's
run from the directory containing the DVD image files with an argument of '.'.

This small patch provides an additional parameter %S in the handler string. If
present it causes the command to be prefixed with a cd to the right directory
and the %S to be then removed.

To use it create a Mythvideo file type in the UI for type .IFO with the command

/usr/bin/ogle . %S

Then you can navigate to DVD images in the video list, select the VIDEO_TS.IFO
file and play the disc including all the menus and extras etc.

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