[mythtv] Proposed MythMusic Interface Improvements

Kendrick Vargas ken at hudat.com
Sun May 2 20:36:39 EDT 2004

Steele Price wrote:
> A lot of people don't listen to albums anymore, in fact as we move more 
> towards online music distribution, I expect albums will completely 
> disappear in several years, however we obviously need them now, but 
> focussing the entire interface around them is a bad idea IMO.  I'd like 
> to see the option of using playlists as the focus instead of just 
> Albums.  With support of Images for playlists this would go over very 
> well.    With the addition of add/remove this track from Playlist X, 
> Album handling as a playlist seems like a much more logical approach 
> than relying on the file system hierarchy.

I have a question... Why not (as a stop gap measure) have something like 
Views? MythMusic could come with a bunch of default views and in the 
MythMusic setup screen, a user would be allowed to create their own views. A 
view would basically be a certain order of ordering the music.

For example, a default view could be "Artist Ascending, Album Ascending, 
Song Ascending", another could be "Genre Ascending, Hit Ratio Descending, 
Title Descending", etc... Users would be able to create their own and name 
them. Then, on the MythMusic track selection (or whatever it's called), the 
user would be present a drop down of "Views" to choose from to sort their music.

I imagine that would take some of the headache out of the current 
implementation for people with a ton of tracks. Anyways... just my $0.02 
while I continue ripping my CD collection into my myth box :-)

Let he who is without clue kiss my ass.

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