[mythtv] Proposed MythMusic Interface Improvements

Eric A. Litman elitman at yahoo.com
Sun May 2 17:18:47 EDT 2004

"Steele Price" <steele at xtcp.net> writes:

> Thor is working very hard on a completely new MythMusic so I am not sure
> this point is moot or not, but support for all his hard work tying into
> DAAP needs to be considered in any new interface so that when his
> changes are implemented the new interface doesn't radically change again.

How much of Thor's work is on the frontend? mfd seems to be where the bulk
of his efforts has gone, and mfe is by his own admission going away.

Should efforts on an updated MythMusic be targeted to an mfd world? Peaceful
co-existence with the current model? Or perhaps get the UI right first, then
figure out mfd integration at a later date? Should we be thinking about
adaptor design?

Nice to see some momentum on the frontend of this, particularly given all
the recent work Thor's been doing on the backend.


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