[mythtv] Video Conferencing Plugin

Paul Volkaerts paul.volkaerts at lineone.net
Sun May 2 07:08:52 EDT 2004


I've spent some time developing a SIP based video conferencing plugin for
Myth and development has reached a stage where I thought it was worth
sharing a view on what I have and getting some advice on how to make this

What I want to know is:  when I'm happy with this (say 4-6 weeks) how do I
make this available for others?  Just zip up the code and post to this

There is a screenshot here that shows the rough layout.

Features that will be included in the first cut:-

- Voice and/or video calls between Mythfrontend's
- Screenpops on an incoming call when your watching TV
- Unanswered calls get routed to a VXML script which uses a Text-To-Speech
engine to either prompt for voicemail or read out the TV guide and allows
recordings to be scheduled using DTMG keys

What won't make the first cut but its where I plan on going :-

- Compatability with services from Operators, to allow calls to/from normal
- Video compatability with other SIP devices (it uses H.263 but some
non-standard stuff in there)


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