[mythtv] directfb and mythplugins

John Harvey john.p.harvey at btinternet.com
Sat May 1 07:42:06 EDT 2004

Did you modify QT-embedded to remove the -no-rtti flag?
I have had the plugins working ok with QT-embedded though I was using a
pvr-305 rather than the directFB support.

QT-embedded by default turns off the run time type casting support with the
above flag which causes myth to crash in some of the menuing code. There is
no configure option to enable/disable this instead you have to modify the
config files.


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I've got Myth running on DirectFB and Qt-embedded-free-3.3.1, which
works great, but I'd really also like to get the plugins working. Mostly
everything does seem to work, mythweather works fine, mythvideo is fine
in the browser mode, with mplayer using directfb as output. However, it
seems like the tree view in both mythvideo and mythmusic ( select tracks
) will crash out back to the console, leaving the console totally
unuseable and requiring a reboot. The same also happens in play tracks
in mythmusic. Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening ?
Has anyone else got plugins running on directfb myth ?



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