[mythtv] [PATCH] 'All inputs busy' option screen for LiveTV

David Conn davidconn at d1.com.au
Tue Mar 30 02:19:38 EST 2004

Hey guys!

First up - yeah, I'm one of those Development One guys... *duck*

Andrew Jamieson, also from Development One, has made a few posts over in the
User's forum and has mentioned us and our wishes to be involved with and
contribute back to the MythTV community. To this end, this is the first of
what I hope will be a number of posts over time with what I hope you find
useful patches.

Before we get to that... I just wanted to reaffirm that the idea behind the
Home Media Centre was to provide a preinstalled MythTV box for Australian
users who couldn't or couldn't be bothered building their own. We
Australian's don't have TiVo or even Windows XP Media Centre Edition as yet
(what's up with that?) so MythTV is a great option for us. As a developer
I'm dismayed at where the price of the unit has settled, but as Development
One is only a small company with 6 programmers now (at the start only 2 of
us worked on this) we need to recover some costs. Price will always be an
issue for us - especially if we have to compete against TiVo, etc.

So, back to the reason for the posting! I've got a patch that works well for
a single capturecard setup (or at least a setup where you have a capturecard
with a cardid of 1) to tell you the details of a program being recorded when
attempting to start Live TV. It replaces the "MythTV is already using all
available inputs for recording" message. There'd been a few posts in User's
about this sort of function. Admittedly, it could be done much better for a
multiple capturecard setup and could probably be nicely wrapped up into a
class or function at least!

The last thing to say is that we had always planned to share our Australian
content, EPG data which we purchase from a supplier and weather information
we obtain from the Bureau of Meteorology here in Australia, once things got
up and running. As you might be aware, there are real problems getting
Australian EPG data at the moment. So if any of the community want to write
the grabbers the links are:
- EPG Data: http://d1.com.au/D1xmltv.asmx
- Weather Info: http://d1.com.au/D1weather.asmx

Their WSDL's describe them, but I'd be happy to help anybody with any
questions they might have on developing the grabbers. Our TV grabber
(available in the update ISO from our downloads page) has been modified from
the norm so will not suit for use as is in the normal MythTV setup
application anymore. But both grabbers give a good "template"!

One note: the EPG data is only for New South Wales and Victoria at this
stage, it will be national soon.

I think that's about it... If there's anything, questions, comments or
flame, you can get me at davidconn at d1.com.au!


David Conn
Development One

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