[mythtv] [SUGGESTION] Ideas to improve the music plugin

Kevin Kuphal kevin.kuphal at myrealbox.com
Mon Mar 29 16:04:43 EST 2004

> 2. The ability to display album art.  All my artist folders 
> contain album art from various albums (One named Folder.jpg). 
>  I do this so on my Windows systems I can switch to thumbnail 
> view in Windows Explorer and visually navigate my collection 
> and/or get an idea of the type of music in the folder.  So 
> this same sort of thumbnail view would be useful I think 
> (like what Myth's Image Viewer does now).  I'd also like to 
> be able to display a slideshow or just a thumbnail of the 
> images in the same folder as the files that's currently playing.

Matt, I can speak to this item.  The current version of MythMusic includes
an AlbumArt visualization.  You can add it to your list of vizualizations in
the setup (or make it your only one) and then it will grab any .jpg, .gif,
.png, or .bmp in the same folder as the song and display that in the
visualization box.  There is also a DB item (I'm not sure if a patch ever
got applied to allow configuration of this from the setup) that you can
change the default to any wildcard you want (like specifying "Folder.jpg" to
only pick that image)


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