[PATCH] Re: [Fwd: Re: [mythtv] Your soundcard is not reporting free space correctly.]

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Mon Mar 29 13:09:25 EST 2004

On Saturday 27 March 2004 08:08 pm, Bruce Markey wrote:
> That said, I have been testing this afternoon and have found that
> this does fix a specific problem that I have been seeing.


> Audio buffering may or may not also affect A/V sync in the video
> output loop but I don't think I'll delve deeply into that right
> now. I did, however, watch news tickers and didn't see any new
> or different behavior and jitterometer numbers were normal.

That's all I'm worried about, really..  I believe there's some assumptions 
that the audio output will be writing in video frame length chunks in the a/v 
sync code, but, unless a soundcard refuses to set the fragment size to 
somewhere near the requested amount, I don't _think_ it'll be a problem.

> So, I can't say that the ioctls won't give bogus results on some
> other cards or drivers or whatever but I can say this appears to
> be a big win for the SoundBlaster cards that I can test.

Eh, good enough for me, then.  Can always revert it or add code to disable 
it..  Bruce, would you mind applying it? =)


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