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John Harvey john.p.harvey at btinternet.com
Sun Mar 28 15:58:57 EST 2004

	I'm happy to look into the 1st of these (cursor being left alone)
since I've recently been looking at that area of the code. I am reasonably
confident that making the cursor visible when the mouse moves should be easy
and I suspect should be the default behavior when you have the "run in
window" option set. 

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I've noticed lots of questions on the user and dev lists about mouse cursors
and running in a window.  I personally use a frontend on a dedicated monitor
where the fullscreen mode with no mouse is fine, but I'd also like to use
mythfrontend in a window on my laptop while working on other things.  The
current version of mythfrontend doesn't work well for this.  The window
doesn't resize or minimize, the cursor hiding causes problems with
gnome/metacity, and the output only works with Xv, which doesn't work well
with Xinerama.

What I would like is to add an option to mythfrontend that will add these
1.  Leave the cursor alone, or hide after a few seconds (already been
2.  Allow minimizing of the window
3.  Allow resizing of the window (this is probably tricky)
4.  Add alternate outputs besides Xv?
5.  Add a stay-on-top option

All or most of these things have been discussed before, but I haven't been
able to find any reasons why they can't be implemented.  I understand that
most people use mythfrontend on a dedicated screen, so the changes I want to
make wouldn't screw with that.  Are there objections to/ideas for any of
these changes?  Are there any problems with enabling these changes when
mythfrontend is running in a window?

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