[mythtv] Re: Mythfrontend crashing when exiting Live TVandrecordings, BT attached

mtrisko mtrisko at mindspring.com
Sun Mar 28 01:31:57 EST 2004

>This backtrace is not from current CVS.  The line numbers don't match

I apologize for the mistake Isaac, thanks for pointing it out.  I'm not
sure what I did wrong, I followed the instructions to update the CVS,
did a 'make clean distclean', recompiled, and did a 'make install'.
Somehow the previous version survived.

This time I deleted the CVS source from my box and did a fresh checkout,
deleted all of the executables, recompiled and installed, and initial
testing shows your fix works like a charm.  Thanks so much--I have a few
more things to configure, but now that Myth itself appears to be
reliable, I think you may have allowed me to move my Myth system into
production (the living room) in the near future.

>As for debugging, your ivtv driver isn't responding to the
>ioctl.  Only reason I can think that that would happen is if you're not

>running ivtv-fb on the card, or you're using a non-standard ivtv
driver.  >If it's neither of those reasons, you're on your own.

I have been trying to set things up step by step, and at this point I am
using the PVR-350 TV-out, but I was running X (including mythfrontend)
through the monitor (hadn't modified the XFree86Config).  Would this
qualify as not running ivtv-fb on the card?  I'll try to track down the
problem and if I can eliminate it I'll post the resolution.

Thanks again, I've been struggling to get my system working for a while
and you've given me some light at the end of the tunnel.


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