[mythtv] Re: Mythfrontend crashing when exiting Live TV andrecordings, BT attached

mtrisko mtrisko at mindspring.com
Sat Mar 27 06:26:23 EST 2004

>The crash should be fixed in CVS, but it'd be better for you to fix
>ivtv-fb setup, as that's what was failing..
> Isaac

Thanks so much for your help.  I am in the process of recompiling the
latest CVS to retest (takes a while on a Via C3 800MHz, otherwise I'd
wait to post with my results).

Can you elaborate at all on how I might fix my ivtv-fb setup?  I noticed
the error message:

IVTV_IOC_GET_FB: Invalid argument

I assume that is what you're referring to.  However, I don't know where
to look to fix it.  Is there any way to tell what arguments are being
passed to ivtv-fb from mythtv?  Is there more information I could
provide that would help debug the problem?

If it helps, I am using the 0.1.9 ivtv driver release, compiled with the
pvr250_17_21288.exe firmware.

I did a Google search on the error message and the only hit was one
thread on the ivtv-devel list, and the solution provided was to use an
older (10/29/2003) version of mythtv.  Do you suggest I ask the IVTV
developers for help?


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