[mythtv] [PATCH] DataDirect service -- updated to match CVS xmltv tv_grab_na_dd

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Sat Mar 27 01:09:15 EST 2004

On Saturday 27 March 2004 12:47 am, David Shay wrote:
> I am still considering writing a completely internal grabber. The main
> challenge is that I don't have any real good examples of QHttp which
> include authentication.  Without a base class that provides authentication,
> it would be extremely tedious to get back the requested authentication
> realm, build an MD5 digest/response, etc.  Anyone seen any QT code that
> does this?  One possibility is to shell out to a perl program to do the
> data grabbing part -- libwww-perl includes easy access to the
> authentication stuff.  Isaac, would including a perl script to perform this
> be acceptable as a patch, and be able to get worked into the install
> mechanism, etc.?
> If so, the rest of it could be done quite easily.  It then really comes
> down to two choices internally:
> * Use memory to load up the complete list of channels, programs, schedules,
> actors, etc.
> * As you traverse the XML document, insert a record into a temporary
> database table.  You could then load the tables using a direct SQL call off
> of these temporary tables.
> Anyone have a preference here?  I'm leaning towards the temporary tables
> Feedback?  Isaac?

Well, I think it makes more sense (long run) to convert the internal structure 
over to something more similar to the DD format (separate episode / schedule 
tables), and convert other XMLTV grabbers to that.  Right now, converting DD 
-> XMLTV, there's quite a bit of information being lost, but XMLTV -> DD 
should work perfectly..

Anyway, in terms of short term development, yes, a small perl script to grab 
the data and then parse and translate that internally instead of depending on 
tv_grab_na_dd to do it would be fine.  I'd lean towards temporary tables, if 
only to cut down on the raw memory requirement that converting the format 


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