[mythtv] Things for me to work on

Gerald Gryschuk gerald.gryschuk at shaw.ca
Fri Mar 26 18:00:43 EST 2004

O.k. I downloaded your code and had a quick perusal. I don't claim to
have a complete grasp but I think I got the gist of it.

As you indicated in your original response it appears you have it set up
to burn transcoded files to a CD which would just be video files
playable only from a computer. As far as I know burning these to a DVD
in the same manner is just a matter of treating the DVD as a big CD. I
could be very wrong about this because I haven't tried. Can somebody
tell us if this is true or not? If it's as I think it is than it's just
a matter of setting the burn size correctly. There would be no need for
fancy DVD stuff like a UDF filesystem.

Actually I'm happy to see that somebody else is working on this part
because it isn't really where my interests lie. I want to add support
for burning a DVD that can be played in a DVD player. In fact I wasn't
going to tackle the part you've already done until quite some time down
the road.

I tried compiling your code but failed. It seems you have a need for a
version of Qt I don't use. Specifically your using the type Q_ULLONG.
The version of Qt I have(3.1) doesn't have this type. Is this absolutely
necessary or is there a work around?

By the way the values you seem to need come from NuppleVideoPlayer.
Their the 'audio_samplerate' and I think 'totalFrames'.
The errors I received when compiling were about "GetAudioSampleRate" and
"GetFrames", the latter isn't obvious that it's the "totalFrames" rather
than the frames played but since the latter is already exported I deduce
it's the former. As well as of mythtv-0.15 it appears 'mythdbcon.h' is
installed so it doesn't need to be included from the mythtv source

Just for enquiry sake, doesn't myth already do transcoding? As I said
I'm not up on this part yet so it's all greek to me.

On Fri, 2004-03-26 at 05:45, Michael Hanselmann wrote:
> Hello
> > Interesting. What dependencies does it have? And not really having touched the
> Qt and cdrecord
> > MythTV settings.pro (lazy Gentoo bum), do you need those *.pro files to be 
> > changed to reflect the MythTV settings?
> It requires the path to the MythTV-Sources to include some files which 
> aren't copied to /usr/local/include/mythtv/. Also it requires a patch to 
> MythTV to export two values from a class (don't remember which one by 
> now). Unfortunately, I'm not able work fulltime on it. I'll prepare all 
> required patches the next time I've some free time.
> Greets
> Michael
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