[mythtv] Things for me to work on

Henk Poley hpoley at dds.nl
Fri Mar 26 05:15:58 EST 2004

Op vrijdag 26 maart 2004 10:54, schreef Michael Hanselmann:
> Hello Gerald
> > 1) Is anyone working on a MythTV interface to do DVD burning?
> I'm working on a plugin to transcode and burn recordings to CD. DVD
> would also possible if it is being implemented. :)
> You find the current state of it at http://dugong.forkbomb.ch/mythburn/
> (many parts aren't really working yet).

Interesting. What dependencies does it have? And not really having touched the 
MythTV settings.pro (lazy Gentoo bum), do you need those *.pro files to be 
changed to reflect the MythTV settings?

	Henk Poley <><

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