[mythtv] Mythfrontend crashing when exiting Live TV and recordings, BT attached

ebike at paradise.net.nz ebike at paradise.net.nz
Thu Mar 25 19:47:06 EST 2004

Hi There,

I had the same problem. I think it is fixed in CVS now, it went away when I 
cheked out a CVS cersion of arount the 25th Mar.

My frontend crashed after running for more than a few minutes on exit.

Bernard Mentink

Quoting "mtrisko at mindspring.com" <mtrisko at mindspring.com>:

> I am having a problem with mythfrontend crashing when I exit live TV
> and
> when I exit viewing a recording. When I press the ESC key, mythfrontend
> segfaults. Sometimes I can get away with one or two exits going back to
> mythfrontend, but usually it crashes on the first ESC.
> My system uses a VIA C3 800 Mhz processor, and I have two capture cards,
> a
> PVR-350 and a PVR-250. I am using the PVR-350 TV-out.
> I am using the Knoppmyth distribution, and for mythtv I have tried
> several
> versions: installing the Knoppmyth-recommended 0.14 i586 packages,
> recompiling the 0.14 software from the source on the mythtv.org
> website,
> and compiling the CVS as of March 23rd. Each time I compiled, I
> modified
> the settings.pro to use i586 instead of pentiumpro. All of these
> versions
> have the same crashing problem on my system.
> I would appreciate any help, especially in determining if the problem
> is
> in the mythtv code or in my system. I have attached a backtrace as
> requested in the HOWTO.
> Thanks,
> Mike 

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