[mythtv] Things for me to work on

Gerald Gryschuk gerald.gryschuk at shaw.ca
Thu Mar 25 19:18:49 EST 2004


I'm just wondering about a couple of things I want to bite my teeth in
to but I don't want to duplicate effort.

1) Is anyone working on a MythTV interface to do DVD burning?
2) Is anyone else annoyed that music quits when you want to look at the
weather, set up shows to record or do anything else from within MythTV?
This was one of the first things I noticed that I wanted to fix. It's
going to be harder than it might seem to fix since I like to listen to
music and watch TV at the same time. So anyway is there anyone doing
anything on this already?

Gerald Gryschuk <gerald.gryschuk at shaw.ca>

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