[mythtv] ALSA output - feature request

Brian Huffman sheep at graze.net
Wed Mar 24 15:30:44 EST 2004

I believe that part of the problem that I'm having with my MAudio card is that
the 1712 does not support MMAP.  Looking at the ALSA code in MythTV, it looks as
though this is hard coded.  Would it be possible for some code to be added to
have MythTV be a little smarter about whether or not the device supports MMAPed

My C++ code is a little rusty, but I'll take a look too...

"ICE1712 supports only the unconventional format, interleaved 10-channels 24bit
(packed in 32bit) format. Therefore you cannot mmap the buffer as the
conventional (mono or 2-channels, 8 or 16bit) format on OSS."

--from http://www.alsa-project.org/~iwai/OSS-Emulation.html

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