[mythtv] Patch for PowerPC

MythTV mythtv at taoyama.com
Wed Mar 24 11:13:12 EST 2004


Thanks for the CVS Checkin and the comments.

I've been working on using the scope to make the settings.pro file 
automatic.  The primary change that needs to be made is that the 
config.mak file needs to be included before including settings.pro in 
all the *.pro files.  Do you think it is OK to modify the relevant 
*.pro files to do this?  I tried to come up with a way to limit the 
change to just the settings.pro file but due to some relative path 
issues it doesn't seem possible.

Once I have the conditional settings.pro file worked out, I'll start 
figuring out how to cleanly deal with the vsync.c file.


On Mar 23, 2004, at 10:33 AM, Matt Zimmerman wrote:

> On Mon, Mar 22, 2004 at 08:41:14PM -0800, Mino Taoyama wrote:
>> I've been able to get MythTV working on a PowerMac G4 (Dual 1.25GHz)
>> running YellowDog Linux 3.0.  It required some changes to the sources.
>> I've included a patch against the 0.14 release.
>> 1) Added PowerPC settings in settings.pro and commented out x86 
>> support.
> This should be done in such a way as to automatically select the proper
> settings; qmake may already provide a "scope" which lets you 
> conditionalize
> things based on architecture.
>> 2) Needed to fix a few items in libavcoded.pro.
>>     a) Changed TARGET_ARCH_ALTIVEC to TARGET_ALTIVEC.  This was needed
>> since the config.mak uses TARGET_ALTIVEC.
>>     b) Added a line to include some missing altivec sources.
>> (ppc/gmc_altivec.c ppc/fdct_altivec.c ppc/fft_altivec.c)
> Applied to CVS.
>> 3) Had to change vsync.c in libmythtv since PPC does not have a
>> sys/io.h file.  It also required conditionally compiling the x86
>> specific code.
>>     a) Added an #if i386 around including 'sys/io.h' since this header
>> only exists in x86.
>>     b) Added an #if i386 around the code in 'vgasync_cleanup'
>>     c) Added an conditional compile so the routine 'vgasync_init'
>> returns a 0.
>>     d) Added an #if i386 around the code in
>> 'vgasync_spin_until_end_of_next_refresh'
>>     e) Added an #if i386 around the code in
>> 'vgasync_spin_until_out_of_refresh'
> Probably the i386-specific parts of this file should be moved into a
> separate file, which would not even be compiled on non-i386.  This is
> cleaner and more maintainable than adding many #ifs.
> -- 
>  - mdz
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