[mythtv] Default screen format

Mark Edwards irish at irishmark.co.uk
Tue Mar 23 09:28:03 EST 2004

> > I'm thinking of putting a new setting for default screen format (as
> > with 'W' key)
> > Because every time I open TV I have to switch through to 4:3 for each
> > channel.
> > My immediate plan was to use a global setting, but I thought possibly
> > people might require a per channel, or per card setting.
> > Any1 have any thoughts on the matter?
> AFAIK, the software encoding stuff always assumes the source is 4:3 (I
> have to manually change the aspect to 16:9 to fit stuff on my widescreen
> telly when playing movies back).  What I'd love to see is a way of setting
> the default aspect ratio that the card is capturing, since most of the
> stuff I record is in anamorphic 16:9 to begin with.  I did look into
> fixing it a while ago, but couldn't work out where the assumption was made
> about the source being 4:3.

I've looked into my problem a little more and it's not the same as Steve's.
My issue is when recording with DVB, it detects a widescreen aspect ratio.
When this is played back the aspect ratio (16:9) is detected and used.
However due to the way my TV out works, (PAL/Geforce2MX/Svid->Svid) I don't
want to actually use this mode. What I want is to always use the 4:3 output
mode and the TV will stretch this to widescreen (16:9)
This gives me the correct aspect ratio tho it seems a bit of a backwards way
to do it.

So what I have implemented is an 'AspectOverride' setting, which, when set
will always output as 4:3 on that front-end.

Is this of any use to anyone else? would it be an acceptable patch? Is it
the right thing to do?
I think it's only of use when recording with DVB, as Steve says above the
aspect ratio isn't normally detected on recordings.
If it's of use I'll tidy it up, do the DB setup stuff and submit a patch.


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