[mythtv] Patch for PowerPC

Mino Taoyama mythtv at taoyama.com
Mon Mar 22 23:41:14 EST 2004

To All,

This is my first patch so please let me know if I'm doing anything 

I've been able to get MythTV working on a PowerMac G4 (Dual 1.25GHz) 
running YellowDog Linux 3.0.  It required some changes to the sources.  
I've included a patch against the 0.14 release.

1) Added PowerPC settings in settings.pro and commented out x86 support.

2) Needed to fix a few items in libavcoded.pro.
     a) Changed TARGET_ARCH_ALTIVEC to TARGET_ALTIVEC.  This was needed 
since the config.mak uses TARGET_ALTIVEC.

     b) Added a line to include some missing altivec sources. 
(ppc/gmc_altivec.c ppc/fdct_altivec.c ppc/fft_altivec.c)

3) Had to change vsync.c in libmythtv since PPC does not have a 
sys/io.h file.  It also required conditionally compiling the x86 
specific code.

     a) Added an #if i386 around including 'sys/io.h' since this header 
only exists in x86.

     b) Added an #if i386 around the code in 'vgasync_cleanup'

     c) Added an conditional compile so the routine 'vgasync_init' 
returns a 0.

     d) Added an #if i386 around the code in 

     e) Added an #if i386 around the code in 

The systems works but CPU usage is very high.  I'm using a WinTV Radio 
(model 401) card and I had to resort to the external audio cable into a 
soundcard since the alsa snd-bt87x driver wasn't working well.

I'm still working on some stability issues and hope to get the 
snd-bt87x driver working.

Mino Taoyama
mythtv at taoyama.com

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