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Scott White scott-mythtv at
Mon Mar 22 17:05:41 EST 2004

Mythtv is brilliant.  I wish I'd done it and if I had I hope I would
have done it the way it has been done, but with the benefit of hindsight
and infinite programming time there is one thing I would change. 
Perhaps in many versions from now.

I think it is a shame that each function is so separate.  It would be
nice if you could fire up the CDripper as Picture in Picture while
watching TV or listen to tunes while viewing pictures, or continue
watching your program while changing settings, or listen to the radio
while browsing the web.

For this to work each module, (including some functions which are not
considered modules at the moment), could acquire one or more of 3

1) Main display
2) PinP display
3) Sound out

When you moved from watching live TV back to the menu, the menu would
acquire the main display and the MythTV main app playing live TV would
be relegated to PinP.  The menu would not request the Sound resource so
you would continue to hear your program as well.  You could have a stack
of background tasks, perhaps a CD ripping, and some transcoding.  A
button could be assigned to cycle through them.  One position on the
stack could be reserved for no display for when you don't want to see
the PinP. A second button could be used to transfer the current primary
app onto the background stack and pop the current background app onto
the main display. The primary application would always get preference
when requesting the sound resource, but if it did not request it, in the
case of the Weather app for example, the PinP app would be heard.

I don't underestimate the scope of what I am suggesting and please feel
free to go about your day ignoring me.  I guess I am so inspired by what
has already been achieved I am prone to dreaming of what could one day
come to pass.  I'm currently learning C++ to offer more than just ideas.

Thank you


P.S. If that is not cheeky enough, I'd also like to see mythsetup made
client server and integrated into the main menu, and DVB support
extended to allow multiple streams from the on multiplex.  

I'll get my coat. :-)

On Mon, 2004-03-22 at 16:21, Simon Kenyon wrote:
> Oscar Carlsson wrote:
> >SK> i read that thread when it happened
> >SK> since then i've seen no reference to this functionality being made available
> >SK> when did that happen - and more to the point - how do you use?
> >
> >I  didn't  say  it  was  "availible"  or  "ready".  I just said that it's beeing
> >developed and will hopefully be ready for 0.15.
> >  
> >
> ok, i understand now
> your email implied that there was some code in CVS which people could 
> look at
> regards
> --
> simon
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