[mythtv] Re:Music for image gallery?

Xavier Hervy maxpower44 at tiscali.fr
Mon Mar 22 13:16:52 EST 2004

mpgordon at comcast.net wrote:
> My 2 cents. 
> I too had the same request so I decided to create a visualization in mythmusic.  
> The visualization is basically the slide show in mythgallery but executed as a mythmusic visualization.  It work great and the implementation was not very complicated. 
> I have recently upgraded to release 0.14 and haven't ported my changes to the new mythgallery. 
> Mike G.  
Just a question :
If I put a special key (keybinding) for mythgallery, I can play music, 
the press this key to open mythgallery and choice a slideshow. I think 
mythmusic is always open then the music continue.
I'm wrong ? (I don't try it and i'm not near my myth box .)

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