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Steven Cruysberghs steven.cruysberghs at tiscali.be
Mon Mar 22 08:10:58 EST 2004

I was thinking about het splitartist sorting. You now did fixed groups
(1 , 2 ...., ABCD , EFGH, ....) to sort the artists.
I was thinking it would be nice if it would look at the total number of
artists in the database and devide them over a number a groups
(configurable or depending on the total nr. of artists). So the groups
would be dynamic 1..E, F-G, H-O, T, .... and contain more or less the
same nr. of artists.

What do you think?

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> Verzonden: maandag 22 maart 2004 2:55
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> On Sunday 21 March 2004 03:06 pm, Steven Cruysberghs wrote:
> > Great work Isaac.
> >
> > Just tried this and the splitartist sorting is a great 
> improvement. I 
> > was doing something like that using folders and the 
> "directory" tree 
> > sorting option but that always left manual action after 
> ripping a new 
> > cd.
> >
> > One thing in the new selection screen. Only the last characters in 
> > left column are shown when I am browsing in the right column. 
> > (http://steviec.dyndns.org/files/playlist.png for 
> screenshot of what I 
> > mean).
> Yeah, I haven't decided how wide I want to make the lists, 
> yet..  You can 
> change the width of the lists ( levelsize in music-ui.xml ), 
> and if it's 
> small enough to fit two on screen w/ padding, it won't cut 
> off like it is 
> now.  I kind of like the current way (going off screen), as 
> it shows that 
> there's stuff there to go back to.  I'll be adding info to the bottom 
> (current track info, filled in as much as possible) next, so 
> it should be 
> less of an issue.
> Isaac
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