[mythtv] in progress recordings and new scheduler (bug)

davatar davatar at comcast.net
Sun Mar 21 23:09:10 EST 2004

This creates a bug, if you use mythweb's "never record" the recording is
still scheduled because it is in the future. Also I see that "never record"
in the frontend adds a recordoverride entry, probably to fudge this very
same problem. Sorry I'm not familiar enough with either the old method in
frontend or the new scheduler to know.

How about making all "never record" entries consistent, and always in the
past. Perhaps even all zeroes for times, that way at least there's some way
to tell if/when a recording was recorded, or it was manually locked out.

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> > For now, I'll try to make the duplicate check ignore oldrecorded and
> recorded entries with future end times.  That should catch this
> particular case.  FYI, it will be tomorrow before I can get to it in
> case someone else wants to try.
> David
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