[mythtv] PATCH: sequence header fix

Scott White scott-mythtv at riskboys.com
Sun Mar 21 12:33:16 EST 2004

I'm not really sure what to do with this.  I'm still a little stunned to
see there have been no more postings from Kenneth since the posting on
March 9th where Kenneth signalled he was leaving this project.  I've
obviously not been party to some private emails or chat on #mythtv and
don't pretend to understand his reasons, but if it is true and Kenneth
has left, that is very sad.  

If you get this Kenneth, thank you for your contributions to Mythtv,
particularly in the area of DVB.  You helped change an already great
project into an even more universally useful one.  I can only hope that
you are drawn back somehow in the future or that someone equally as
talented volunteers to help Ivor with his work load in this area.

This mail was going to be about reporting that I am seeing the following
messages after compiling CVS Saturday March 20th

afvd: sequence header size mismatch

about 2 or 3 times a second.  You asked us to report if we were seeing
this.  Everything else seems to be working perfectly.  Please let me
know if I can provide any more detailed information.

Backend   - Athlon 1.5 Gentoo 2004.2 2.6.4-rc1 Hauppauge DVB-T custom
CVS ebuild with DVB (March 20th)
Frontend1 - Hush-PC (Via C3) Gentoo 1.4 2.4.25-epia1-r1 Ivor's libddmpeg
custom CVS ebuild with via_slice (March 20th)



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