[mythtv] Affecting scheduling through direct mysql access

david.blevins at visi.com david.blevins at visi.com
Wed Mar 17 14:26:18 EST 2004

> On Wed, Mar 17, 2004 at 04:57:57AM -0600, david.blevins at visi.com wrote:
> > I wrote a perl script that snarfs data from epguides.com and creates tab delimited files of airdate, title, and subtitle.  What I'd like to do is use that data to mark whole seasons of shows as having already been recorded.
> > 
> > Currently, I am inserting directly into oldrecorded, but this doesn't seem to affect scheduling at all.
> > 
> > What table(s) should I be updating to mark a show as already recorded, but deleted? 

On Wed, Mar 17, 2004 at 05:30:31AM -0600, Kevin Elliott wrote:
> David,
> I'm very interested in your perl script. The idea of being able to
> track your recordings for a whole season based on known information
> about the complete season is great. Also, being able to track how
> much of a season has actually been watched (to help determine missed
> episodes, etc) is useful. Perhaps it would be useful to some how mark
> who watched it as well (say, me and my girlfriend watched 5 eps, but
> i watched 2 she didnt).

My end goal is a screen like scheduled_recordings.php in MythWeb that
shows all the episodes of a show grouped by seasons with buttons like
'Dont Record', 'Record This', etc.  Those buttons might not work
exactly as many of the episodes won't be in the program table, but the
idea is that I want to be able to say way in advance which episodes I
do and don't want.

My perl script is an initial attempt to mark a ton of episodes as
having already been recorded (even though they weren't) so mythtv will
not record them.  My motivation is that I don't want episodes from
seasons of shows that I already have on DVD.

My question to the developers is, what tables do I need to add entries
to in order for those episodes to be skipped as previously recorded
but deleted?  I had assumed oldrecord was the right one, but that
doesn't seem to be it.


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