[mythtv] MythGallery OpenGL problems

Joseph A. Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Wed Mar 17 10:18:04 EST 2004

Moving this over from the -users list, as I think it might be something 
with the way the MythGallery OpenGL transitions are written (or at 
least initialized)

I recently rebuilt my existing Myth box, doing a bare-metal install of 
Fedora (had been using RH8).  Pretty much a seamless transition, except 
now the OpenGL transitions in MythGallery don't work.  Here's the 

- Using GF4MX 420 with -4363 binary drivers from Nvidia
- OpenGL ***is working***!!!  TuxRacer runs fine, Goom works in 
MythMusic, glxgears gives anywhere from 600 - 1000 fps.  I compiled 
some of the OpenGL examples in the Qt distribution, and they seem to 
work fine.
- Using ATrpms kernel & nvidia-4363 driver rpm from ATrpms
- Running Myth CVS from 3/15

The thing is, when I run mythgallery with opengl transitions enabled, it 
doesn't crash.  I get no errors about GLX not being available.  It just 
seems to run the transition with no hardware acceleration... I get only 
a few frames/second.

This is just a shot in the dark, but IIRC mythgallery is currently the 
only module to use the Qt OpenGL widget classes (I believe Goom is 
straight OpenGL)... so my first thought was that it was a problem or 
conflict w/Qt and my OpenGL installation... but the Qt example programs 
seem to work fine.  Is it possible the mythgallery transitions are 
missing some step in initializing OpenGL w/respect to Qt ?

Any help would be appreciated.


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