[mythtv] [TOOL] alpha release of Sony CX777ES RS-232C serial port control command line tool

Kevin Elliott kevin at phunc.com
Wed Mar 17 06:39:57 EST 2004

# Serial RS-232C control of Sony CX777ES
# ported by Kevin Elliott <kevin at phunc.com>
# original by Sven Carlberg <svencarlberg at users.sourceforge.net>

Greetings, this is an alpha release of a command line tool
that will control your Sony CX777ES. I just want people to
test this out.

I ported this from the Windows version located at
http://sourceforge.net/projects/cx777es-rs232/ in about
an hour. It's certain to have bugs, and my Windows C++ knowledge
is weak, so it was a little experiment.

Once working properly, I will make the code more solid. This is
far from good code, I just wanted to get the ball rolling.


Simple install for now. No makefile yet.

g++ -o cx777 cx777es.cpp serial.cpp term.cpp

Email me with test results at kevin at phunc.com.



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