[mythtv] Logging patch?

Matt White whitem at arts.usask.ca
Mon Mar 15 15:35:10 EST 2004

Isaac Richards wrote:
> On Saturday 13 March 2004 04:06 am, Isaac Richards wrote:
>>On Tuesday 09 March 2004 05:10 pm, Matt White wrote:
>>>Hi, Isaac - just wondering if you saw that last version of the database
>>>logging patch I sent in...I did it as a reply to your message, and I
>>>started thinking afterward that it would probably be more obvious to
>>>send a new message so it started a new thread.
>>I was going to get this applied tonight, but it's getting a tad too late. 
>>I _will_ get this in tomorrow.
> And now it's in CVS.

Great!  I'll get started on going through the code and putting the
actual LogEntry calls in appropriate places...

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