[mythtv] Re:Problems with "Recording Priorities" screen?

Aaron Longson zenoniii at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 15 13:36:27 EST 2004

     I have a similar problem as experienced in this thread.  I noticed
in a my mythfrontend.log the following error message:

DB Error (loadByProgram):
Query was:
SELECT recordid FROM record LEFT JOIN channel ON (record.chanid =
channel.chanid ) WHERE record.title = "" AND ((record.type = 4 OR
record.type = 6) OR ((record.chanid = 2003-11-20T20:00:00  OR (callsign
IS NOT NULL AND callsign <> '' AND callsign = '0')) AND ((record.type =
3) OR (((TIME_TO_SEC(record.starttime) = TIME_TO_SEC('')) AND
TIME_TO_SEC(record.endtime) = TIME_TO_SEC(''))) AND ((record.type = 2) 
    OR ((DAYOFWEEK(record.startdate) = DAYOFWEEK('') AND ((record.type
= 5)        OR ((TO_DAYS(record.startdate) = TO_DAYS('')) AND
(TO_DAYS(record.enddate) = TO_DAYS('')) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ));
Driver error was [2/1064]:
QMYSQL3: Unable to execute query
Database error was:
You have an error in your SQL syntax.  Check the manual that
corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use
near ':00:00 OR (callsign IS NOT NULL AND callsign <> '' AND callsig

     The heart of the problem seems to be at "record.chanid =
2003-11-20T20:00:00" where record.chanid is being compared with a date.
 I looked around briefly for this bug, but it will need deeper
inspection.  Does anyone have a quick answer to this one?


On Thursday 04 March 2004 16:32, Bruce Markey wrote:
> Joseph A. Caputo wrote:
> > Is anyone else having a problem with the recording priorities
> > screen?
> >
> > When I go in there now, I get a list filled with chanids instead of
> > program titles. When I highlight an item, in the info at the
> > bottom I get time strings like "2003-05-12T19:00:00" (today's date,
> > zero time) instead of a channel number. All of the 'garbage'
> > entries indicate 'Not recording this showing', except for one which
> > has a blank title and channel 'Any'.
> >
> > At the bottom of the list are 5 seemingly randomly-selected
> > recordings that show up correctly. I've examined my database &
> > everything looks kosher, plus Myth is correctly recording even the
> > shows that are showing up as garbage in the 'recording priorities'
> > screen.
> Well, you're obviously running mis-matched...
> > Yes, my frontend & backend match; both running cvs from last night
> > (3/03).
> Doh!
> > In my terminal (for mythfrontend) I see:
> >
> > 2004-03-04 14:02:46 Using protocol version 4
> > QTime::fromString: Parameter out of range
> > (repeated may times)
> > QTime::setHMS Invalid time 24:00:00.000
> >
> >
> > Anybody else have problems with this?
> I'm running current and don't see this problem. One might think
> (I'm not sayin' me) that this could happen if data was lost on
> the network but not if this happens every time. Every once in
> a while I see an empty or nearly empty list but then reload and
> it's fine.
> One thing I've seen happen is if a bogus entry is in the 'record'
> table it can show a weird entry but not as you describe. Still,
> you may want to look at your record table for things like a NULL
> title or non-printable chars in text fields. Also, run mysqlcheck
> for good measure.

Okay, I solved it -- somehow, my 'record' table had an entry with a
of '2' (kTimeslotRecord), but the start/end times were 00:00:00. The
class never seemed to recover, which threw off everything that
followed, and explains why I was getting some good entries (the list is
'ORDER BY title ASC') -- the bad entry was "Enterprise", so I got good
results for any titles beginning with A-Em.

I deleted the offending entry and all is right with the world.

I still may take a look at the code, though... the master scheduler was
chugging along quite nicely in spite of the bad entry, so I'd think the
'Recording Priorities' screen should be able to handle the situation
gracefully as well.

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