[mythtv] in progress recordings and new scheduler

Dave Alden alden at math.ohio-state.edu
Mon Mar 15 09:42:59 EST 2004


On Mon, Mar 15, 2004 at 01:17:59AM -0500, Per Hatlevik wrote:
> > Do you have a standalone backend or are there one or more
> > slaves? What has always happened (old or new scheduler) is
> > that when the master restarts, it starts up all of the current
> > recordings. However, if a slave restarts, the master does
> > nothing to check to see if the slave should be recording.
> i have only one box running a mythbackend.  i know that it used to restart
> recordings but i'm not seeing this behavior at the moment.
> i'd be happy to do anymore testing you want.

Here's a me too.  I only have 1 box that is both the front and back end.
I had a show recording from 8-9pm, and I rebooted around 8:13pm.  It
didn't automatically start recording after the reboot.  I thought maybe
since the show was repeated at 11pm that it had decided it would be better
to record the whole thing at 11pm rather than have 2 piecemeal recordings.
However, it doesn't look like it recorded the 11pm repeat show either.


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