[mythtv] [PATCH]Mythweb: Added 'go back to last search result'option for program details view

Paul Koster mythtv at kosteronline.net
Sun Mar 14 15:23:18 EST 2004

From: "Chris Petersen" <lists at forevermore.net>
> "back to" stuff work better.  Any chance you could redo the link part of
> your patch?  All you'd need to do now is link to search.php - all of the
> search var settings should be handled automatically now.

Unfortunately including the link only is not the final solution. The link
only has value in a certain context / state. The search link for example
only has value if we ended up on the program_details.php page if we came
through the search page or through the program_details.php page (selected an
option and used 'save'). Including such information in the url, like the
search_url parameter you just solved using session variables, would not be
very nice.

I'll give it a try soon. Beware not not include just a one-liner to include
the link to the search, because it will produce invalid sql queries if the
sequence 'search', 'program lis't, 'program detail', 'search link' is used.


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