[mythtv] recording preview png's now in theme directory ?

Mark Cooke mpc at jts.homeip.net
Sun Mar 14 12:56:24 EST 2004

Hi all,

Resynced up to current CVS and have been having trouble.  New recordings
are attempting to write their preview png's into the theme directory,
rather than the record-tree.  I'm using the default theme.

My theme trees were read-only to the backend and frontend users, and
this causes the frontend to get into a loop when using the 'Watch
Recordings' window - logging many image loading errors (as the image
doesn't exist)

This appears to lead to many un-terminate connections to the sql
database, which then starts refusing additional connections, until I
restart both front and back-ends.

Changing the permission on the theme tree appears to cludge round the
loop behaviour, but I haven't yet found the appropriate bit of myth's
code to fix this.

Can someone point me at the right bit of code to look at to add some
checks for missing preview images and to skip over them / use a default.


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