[mythtv] Lost recordedmarkup table

Bert Haverkamp lists at hccnet.nl
Sun Mar 14 09:27:13 EST 2004

Hello all,

I ran into some trouble while updating the kernel on my mythtv PVR.
After upgrading to kernel 2.4.25 (with epia patch, maybe this is relevant)
the ivtv driver started to write debugging information to syslog like crazy.
This caused my root partition to fill up 100% (which means 1.5 Gig of 
syslogs...) After restoring the old kernel I noticed that the recordedmarkup 
talbe in my mythconverg database was corrupted. I emptied  it, and now things 
are running fine. 

First question:
I can't skip forward or backward in old recordings anymore!
Is there a way to restore the entries for these older recordings in the 
recordedmarkup table?

Second question:
It's a bit off-topic for this list, but has anyone seen this debuggin 
information problem in ivtv? Debuging level was at 7 (out of 127) and should 
not be a problem, but for some reason with the new kernel it outputs 
everything. I ended up disabling the logging in the source-code. 



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