[mythtv] Matrox Marvel G400 AGP as 2nd tuner card

Stefan Frank sfr+lists at 6913304088794.gnuu.de
Sun Mar 14 07:29:01 EST 2004


when i first set up mythtv i only had this Matrox card and it's been
working fine. A few months ago i bought a Hauppauge pvr350 and configured it
as the 1st tuner. After that i didn't use the Matrox card for some time, and
only noticed there is a problem with it recently.

The problem is that live-tv on the Matrox card isn't working when the pvr350
is busy recording a show.

Mythfrontend gives all kinds of errors when i try to start live-tv on the
Matrox card (i'll be happy to send the logs if that will help).
I have to ctrl-c it and in the backend log lots of this messages
show up: QSocketDevice::writeBlock: Invalid socket
Fair enough if the frontend is being killed like this. Also the backend doesn't
respond to subsequent connection requests from neither mythweb or a frontend.
I have to restart the backend to resolve this situation.

At first i suspected the Matrox drivers and went back to a previous version.
I also used xawtv to make sure the Matrox tuner is working, and indeed it works
with xawtv.

By accident once i started live-tv on the Matrox card while the pvr350 was
busy recording and, surprise surprise, it was working fine. The only difference
to previous attempts was that i had used xawtv before.

Today i verified this behaviour and it was the same. If i start xawtv once
before using the Matrox tuner with mythtv the card works fine for live-tv
with mythtv (including channel changes). So to me it looks like maybe mythtv
is missing a step in initializing the Matrox tuner which is fixed with starting
xawtv once. 

Note that i use the latest mythtv cvs version. Also the backend was already
running when i started xawtv.

Hopefully one of the developers will have an idea what else could be wrong.

Bye, Stefan

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