[mythtv] Caller ID Feature Request

Daffy_Duc SomeOne daffy-lists at webmail.co.za
Sat Mar 13 17:46:03 EST 2004

Hi everyone.

This one is aimed at the developers and contributors for
the Called ID modem monitor found in

Here in South Africa, we have a rather brain-dead telco.

They send Caller ID with two NMBR fields.
The first NMBR field is the number of the person calling.
The second NMBR field is the number of the number being

This has its advantages, eg: you have multiple numbers on
the same line
It also has its disadvantages too though.

Because the Modem is returning two NMBR lines, cidbcast
completely ignores them both, and thus nothing gets

Is there any way to get this to work? I've spent a while
looking through the source, and I've narrowed down the
problem to the extract_cid_field() function. It seems to
"panic" when it finds what its looking for in the string

On the other hand, this will also (although very unlikely)
happen if someone had a NAME field of "NMBR =" or "TIME:

My C skills are terrible, so its very likely that my
diagnosis is incorrect, any pointers would be

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