[mythtv] [PATCH] MythGame subdirectories for roms]

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Sat Mar 13 03:28:25 EST 2004

On Sunday 07 March 2004 05:20 pm, Dan Morphis wrote:
> --- Resent with gzip'd patch. ---
> This patch adds the ability for roms to exist in subdirectories by
> system type. Example, I have ~/roms/neogeo,
> ~/roms/pc10,~/roms/standard.  Before this patch, I had to pick between
> which dir (~/roms/standard usually won), rescan, play.  Now, you can set
> your Mame Roms Location to ~/roms, and all sub dirs within it (1 level
> deep only right now) will be searched for roms.  All the known bugs have
> been fixed, and the optimizations have been done. This should be ready
> for  commit.
> The bulk of this patch is the 300-400 or so lines that got indented.
> After applying this patch, you'll need to re-scan your games in setup.
> Any comments or feedback would be appreciated.

I've applied all 3 of your recent mythgame patches.  Thanks a lot for doing 
some work on it =)


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